Drumsheugh Gardens Upkeep Committee (DGUC) 
A principal aim of the DGUC is to ensure that views of buildings from within the Gardens should be respected as much as views into the Gardens from buildings

Gardens relating to their surroundings as seen in this photograph taken early on the morning of 12th May 2018 in delightfully sunny weather, promising a day to enjoy Drumsheugh at its best. The canopy is well into its journey towards being in full cover and the buildings are glowing in 'sandy' colours, trees reaching high as if to mimic the spires of nearby St. Mary's Cathedral. Torphin Hill and The Pentlands can be seen way out south-west in the far distance.

Pink and blue working well together

Up close and personal in September 2017

Spring 2017...tulips/daffodils donated by 23/6

Felling the failed London Plane May 2015

First signs of Autumn

The California Lilac (Ceanothus) blooms annually, but for a short period (as little as two weeks). Unusually, in June 2015, the brilliant Lilac colour stayed with us for a whole month and remained a focal point for visitors to the area who can often be seen taking photographs

The view of Drumsheugh Gardens as seen upon the approach from Rothesay Terrace and Rothesay Place (North West Corner) photographed on a particularly glorious day in July 2019. Inset: the same directional view but from within the Gardens

The indicative canopy plan as recorded while the tree canopy was in full bloom. The colours used to differentiate one tree from another are not intended to be representative of the actual colours as these obviously change from season to season. The perimeter fence (railings) is shown as the most predominant dark line with the pathway shown in brown where it would appear is seen from the air though the tree canopy. Although not a plan to be used as a scale drawing, the original is 1:200 scale on A1 paper and will be used to aid the process of clearly illustrating future Garden issues.