About us


The Drumsheugh Gardens Upkeep Committee (DGUC), established in 1878, is responsible for the maintenance of these private Gardens on behalf of property Owners in Drumsheugh Gardens. The DGUC aims to build up financial reserves in the future interest of the stewardship of the Gardens, protecting them and ensuring they remain aesthetically pleasing for all. The need to plan for future major repair works, such as replacement of railings or removal of dying/damaged trees (not all of which items are covered by insurance) is regarded by the Committee as an essential aspect of long-term prudent management of finances.


The DGUC relies upon the kind co-operation of neighbours and their visitors to assist in the process of ensuring we maintain a high standard of environment for all who have a right to access. The Gardens are accessible to Owners in the immediate area who pay an annual fee towards the cost of upkeep/management of the Gardens, certain elements of which can be necessary and costly, such as felling of failed trees and repairs to gates/locks.