Committee Members:

Members provide their services on a voluntary basis, meeting officially 3 or 4 times annually with several other informal meetings as required.



An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in the first 4-months (in The Bonham Hotel), for which a minumum of 3-weeks notice is a statutory requirement. Only property Owners may attend although can be represented by an appointed official, such as their Factor or Agent (at the Owner's cost and their name/contact details provided well in advance). 


Committee Membership and Resident's Participation:

The DGUC actively encourages the participation of residents in the Drumsheugh Gardens' community (under DGUC guidance) and, at the discretion of the Committee, may invite additional enthusiastic contributers into meetings/activities. Please would you respect that DGUC Members provide their services on an entirely voluntary basis (between other commitments). Members cannot be expected to be a police force, or be immediately present to attend to Gardens' issues. Nor are they able to predict when Owners choose to gather with friends for casual events (one of the attractions for many). All that DGUC Members can ask is that issues such as respect for all neighbours, the environment, noise and the behaviour of dogs all take account of the guidelines referred to within these pages.


The Gardens at Drumsheugh are seen as an excellent example of Private New Town Gardens (something for which our City is highly regarded). Over several years, the DGUC has maintained a record of keeping annual costs for Owners at one of the very lowest levels of the many Gardens of its type and in doing so, building reserves to cover costs for maintenance, some of which can be regular, high and time-consuming, such as tree pruning, repairs to railings, gates and locks, lock/key changes, key distribution, fee collections (through Factors) and many others.    


Committe Members (as at 15/04/2024):


Jacqueline Easson (Chair, elected at the AGM, 15/04/2024 for a period of two years. Jacqueline also administers the 'Dog Group' including the WhatsApp communications chanel for Dog Owners)

Lauren Hotson (Treasurer, re-elected 15/04/2024)

Gordon Watson (Secretary, re-elected 15/04/2024)

Zoe Beedie (re-elected 15/04/2024)

Douglas Campbell (Manager, The Bonham Hotel, re-elected 15/04/2024)

Aggelos Kiayias (re-elected 15/04/2024)

Derek Matchett (re-elected 15/04/2024) 


Derek Crooks (stood down in advance of the AGM 2024 as a result of illness)

Marjory Glenn (resigned 15/04/2024)

Both Derek and Marjory were thanked for their respective contributions to the DGUC