To contact the DGUC, please provide all details in the boxes below. This connects you with the Secretary and Treasurer.



Before you make contact, please read the paragraphs below:


If your enquiry is related to obtaining a key to the Gardens, please be aware that these are private Gardens that are accessible only to Owners of property in the streets called Drumsheugh Gardens that immediately surround the Gardens. Owners have a right to access through their title deeds. No exceptions to this rule are permitted under the terms & conditions of the DGUC Constitution.


Owners pay an annual fee to contribute to the upkeep of the Gardens. A Garden key can be issued to valid owners (one key per household), upon payment of a deposit, presently £50 for residential owners, refundable upon return. You are required to provide proof of ownership/address and your key number is recorded.


Enquiries about other matters; subject to the complexity/nature of requests (such as condition of trees/technical matters) we may have to consult the appropriate person, a Committee Member or one of our Consultants/Contractors with the right skills to respond effectively. As DGUC Members offer services on a voluntary basis, between other commitments, please be patient if a response to your request or question is not forthcoming as quickly as you might like.

Contact: When submitting details below, you confirm you have read and understand the paragraphs above. Please provide details of your address as an Owner in Drumsheugh Gardens. 

Please indicate whether or not you are a dog-owner and intend to access the Gardens with your dog(s).

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'Scrum' of Waxwings fight for berries 

Afternoon shadows

Deep Summer shadows

Autumn arrives and the leaves begin to fall

Other useful contact details:

West End Community Council: an organisation that promotes the views of local people and often consulted by the Edinburgh City Council over local matters.

The City of Edinburgh Council: for matters related to Council services including specific Planning matters, such as relate to Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.

Transport: for information on Edinburgh bus and tram times/routes,, for transport modes and routes across the wider area.

Visitor Information: for tourist information.

The Bonham Hotel:, an elegant chic hotel in Drumsheugh Gardens offering fine dining and accommodation.

Charles White: Factors representing the DGUC 0131 446 6975.

Drumsheugh Baths Club: for swimming/fitness/relaxation in an environment that truly reflects the Victorian's love of Moorish style.

Drumsheugh Baths Exterior

Moorish Style Throughout