Images of Drumsheugh Gardens and related areas:

The images displayed below are photographs taken in and around the Gardens. The DGUC would very much appreciate receiving any images in the possession of our neighbours for consideration to be used on this website. Credit/copyright will be acknowledged if required. Our fee income is not sufficient to fund the purchase of images.


Please send photographs/illustrations/plans (preferably JPEG files) using the Contact page on this website.


California Lilac (Ceanothus) on railings

Garden sign from which the DGUC logo is derived

Shadows from a low Autumn sun

Images of Prairie Planting taken by Designer, Carolyn Grohmann of Secret Gardens Design in July 2019, areas of the Gardens highly regarded by visitors.

July 2019, improved walkway and paved seating area, with planting adjacent to the North Gate, providing more accessible areas for those who don't enjoy full mobility. At the same time, new dog waste bins were positioned at each of the three gates. Each bin will have the dog mess bag dispensers attached.

Silver Birch Donated

Our Home Page image seen in full

The view to the south-west across a winter canopy is dominated by the handsome spires of St. Mary's Cathedral (Palmerston Place). Unlike the day this photograph was taken, Torphyn Hill should be seen in the distance just in front of the splendid Pentland Hills, views, including the Gardens, that are only available to occupants of upper flats

In 2010, Edinburgh endured a particularly severe winter. Here we see images taken during the heaviest periods of snow coverage affecting the Gardens.

Daffodils and tulip bulbs coming into bloom in Spring 2017. These high quality bulbs kindly donated (in considerable volume) by John & Margaret Milne.

Spring finally begins to turn to summer at the very end of May 2016. Scottish weather often lulls us into a false sense of optimism for a delightful summer so we await a glorious and dry summer period when the Gardens are at their most splendid. These four photographs were taken looking towards the east.

The Bonham Hotel demonstrating how beautifully colour and style can also be enjoyed outside of the Gardens, in this case on the Northern perimeter which can benefit from good sunlight, and the lovely floral displays are well maintained.

The view from the South side looking North in Spring 1992 (top left) and Winter 2001 (bottom left). Winter 1978 (centre) featuring Margaret Hedge with a prized snowman. The photo on the right was taken in 1992, looking down on the South gate with a lonely parked car. All these photographs were provided by Ian & Margaret Hedge who's joint devotion to the Gardens at Drumsheugh over many years has been exemplary. 

A Full Moon sinking into the West on an early morning, 28th June 2018, long before the daily morning commute and drag racing starts both ways along Drumsheugh Gardens and Chester Street

Cherry Tree photographed by Derek Matchett in April 2020, with the permission of the two residents passing as he took the shot. This was taken during a period of 'Lockdown' as imposed by the Government as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, with people allowed to take one walk per day while otherwise self-isolating at home

Further images of Prairie Planting by Designer, Carolyn Grohmann (Secret Gardens Design) highly regarded and often photographed by passing tourists.

October 2019, images of late colours provided by Sarah Emslie, the central shot showing a bee nestling on the plant...evidence of increased biodiversity.

October 2019, the five images above were taken on a very damp day in Autumn, then kindly donated by courier, David Reid,   

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