Resident's Information

Access Details:

These private Gardens are accessible only to Owners (i.e. not to Tenants) of property in the streets called Drumsheugh Gardens who have a right to access through their title deeds. No exceptions are permitted under the DGUC Constitution. Owners pay an annual fee to contribute to the upkeep of the Gardens. A key can be issued to Owners (one key per household) upon request through the Contact page on this website and the payment of a refundable deposit. You are required to provide proof of ownership/address and your key number is recorded. Lost keys can only be replaced upon repeat payment.



The Factors representing the DGUC are Charles White ( who are responsible for the issuing of notifications and collecting annual fees on behalf of the Committee.



Guidance for Dog Owners:

The DGUC welcomes responsible dog owners. We ask that everyone should respect the fact that the Gardens are there for the pleasure of all residents, some of whom access the Gardens with young children. We provide bags and bins for the collection/disposal of dog mess, aiming to maintain an environment that is suitable for all.

  • WhatsApp Group: DGUC Members created/manage a 'Doggy Group' for Owners, to communicate issues related to dogs and their access to the Gardens. It is mandatory to register and dog owners are required to provide their details (name and mobile phone number) through the Contact page on this website. We can then keep you up to date with information we wish to share about dog-related matters and news (and Gardens events/contracting works during which we would ask you to restrain your dog on the leash). 


Dog guidelines appended to the DGUC Constitution (available to valid Owners via the Contact page on this site):


  • DGUC welcomes responsible property owners/residents who wish to access the private Gardens with their dog.

  • Access is permitted subject to the owner taking full responsibility for the dog’s behaviour and cleaning up after it.

  • All dogs must be under the control of a responsible person at all times. No dog should be left in the Gardens unattended at any time.

  • A maximum of 2 dogs per person are allowed in the Gardens.

  • Any newly introduced dog should be kept on the lead until acclimatised.

  • It is the sole responsibility of dog owners to clear up any dog mess and dispose of this responsibly, using the facilities provided. In particular, please keep your dog on a lead during hours of darkness to ensure you know where mess can be seen, picked up and disposed of responsibly.

  • Guest dog owners (hotels/holiday-let premises) are required to recognise a curfew between 2230 and 0630.

  • Dog owners must make themselves aware of the presence of other people (especially children) and of other dogs before releasing a dog from its lead. Misbehaviour between dogs cannot be tolerated and any incident involving injury to person or animal must be dealt with immediately. It is the responsibility of owners to resolve any incidents between dogs in the first instance. Should owners be unable to resolve incidents, then a report should be made to the DGUC who will seek to provide assistance. Injury to persons should be immediately reported to the Police and the DGUC. If the Gardens are used as an events venue, the DGUC will, wherever practical, alert other users when such events are scheduled and requests your dog is kept on a lead while an event is active.

  • Contractors employed to maintain the Gardens take care to avoid injury to dogs. It is in everyone’s interest that your dog is kept on a lead if using the Gardens when grass is being cut or trees/bushes trimmed. The DGUC appreciates the enthusiasm dogs will have to run loose, but we ask that this is kept to a minimum or the Gardens become increasingly difficult to maintain to the standards expected by all residents. The DGUC reserves the right to ban, or restrict as they see fit, dogs involved in aggressive or unacceptable behaviour.

The Gardens are often used by families and businesses particularly throughout summer months. They are as much encouraged to enjoy the environment as any other users, on the proviso that they have an entitlement to the use of keys. The DGUC merely asks that they respect the environment and that rubbish is disposed of in a responsible manner, respecting others around them and the needs of subsequent visitors.

Contracting works:

Occasionally certain contracting works are required to be carried out in the Gardens, ranging from regular grass cutting, leaf gathering and similar maintenance works and/or planned alterations, through to more major matters such as the removal of dead trees and/or the pruning of tree limbs deemed to be required by our Tree Consultants. When major works are due to be undertaken, the DGUC will display signs on gates and other strategic positions, forewarning anyone using the Gardens (and pedestrians/vehicle owners on the perimeter) of the pending works to ensure that Health & Safety issues are observed. We ask you to take care, with dogs restrained, while such activities are undertaken.


The DGUC allows a limited number of events to take place for a modest fee. These have included weddings, corporate entertaining, annual parties, charity fund raising and photoshoots. If you do wish to use the Gardens for an event please consult the DGUC well in advance by using the Contact page. Anyone using the Gardens for events will be asked to ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum, respecting the mainly residential nature of surrounding properties. They will also be asked to clear up rubbish and remove any equipment immediately afterwards, avoiding damage to grass, flora & fauna, gates, railings/furniture.

Participation in Garden Development:

Resident's participation in Garden maintenance is encouraged, but only under the guidance of DGUC members who are responsible for the allocation of expenditure. The DGUC builds financial reserves, in the interest of stewardship/preservation, to protect the Gardens and ensure they remain aesthetically pleasing for all.